Ecleva Signs Implementation Deal with SAHMRI


SAHMRI is South Australia’s flagship institute for medical research. Comprising a team of over 600 researchers, it is situated next to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and housed in world-class, purpose built scientific laboratories. ECLEVA is privileged to be lead implementer for Elsevier’s PURE Solution and our team of PURE experts are providing SAHMRI with trusted and strategic guidance.

Unit4 announces alliance with Microsoft to bring ‘Self-Driving’ ERP to people-centric organisations


Utrecht, Netherlands, June 16, 2015 – Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft that will speed to market the creation of self-driving business applications and ERP for people-centric organizations. Unit4 will use the smart technology in Azure’s PaaS platform components and Microsoft Office solutions including predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing. Combined with Unit4’s People Platform, the collaboration boosts speed of innovation and will see customers benefiting from a new approach to enterprise computing.


Unit4 with Microsoft – making self-driving ERP a reality To deliver on the promise of self-driving ERP, Unit4 and Microsoft will establish a development team to ensure that innovations in Azure and Office are used as quickly as possible within the Unit4 People Platform. Contextual information will be derived by combining business data within Unit4 applications with relevant information from Office 365, Office Delve, email, calendar, Yammer and more. This will enable unprecedented business value. Professional services firms will be able to combine an analysis of historical data with predictive analytics to gain valuable insight on which projects to bid for. Public sector organizations will improve fraud detection on bill payments with advanced pattern recognition and machine learning. Not-for Profits will have the ability to match campaigns to donation patterns and target donors more effectively.


“Microsoft and Unit4 share a long history of increasing productivity for enterprises and this collaboration will accelerate the innovation necessary to make self-driving ERP a reality,” says Jose Duarte, Unit4 CEO.


“Like a self-driving car, self-driving ERP takes care of the tasks that are better served by technology, leaving people to focus on the exceptions that need human intervention. Unit4 and Microsoft’s combined know-how and technology will set a new industry standard for business applications for people-centric industries.” To achieve this vision, ERP systems require access to complete and high-quality data.


Traditional ERP provides users with non-intuitive empty forms, asking them to enter all the required data, leading to non-intuitive data entry, errors and frustration. Self-driving ERP dramatically simplifies data collection by utilizing key technologies such as predictive analytics to provide meaningful in-context information to users. Such information enables intuitive data entry based on pre-populated forms and in-context yes-no validation questions. It results in great user experience all the way from desktop to mobile to wearables. Working together in the cloud Azure will be Unit4’s preferred public cloud deployment platform globally. Microsoft’s approach to Azure IaaS cloud deployments and Unit4’s Cloud Your Way methodology, which gives customers the flexibility to run their applications in public and private clouds, are key components and the foundation of this collaboration. Both organizations also cater to a hybrid computing environment which will be the reality in the enterprise world for some time to come. Azure enhances Unit4’s offering through flexible security, data privacy and residency. With a deep understanding of the challenges facing the modern enterprise, Unit4 Business Applications with Azure offer highly scalable ramp-up and ramp-down capabilities and provide customers with the flexibility and adaptability they need to run their business without disruption.


“Unit4’s business applications and People Platform made them a strategic company for us to work with to help realize self-driving ERP,” stated Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Management, Microsoft Azure.


“We are excited to be working with Unit4 and through this collaboration, we are not only delivering accelerated value but also enabling faster time to innovation in the cloud for our customers.”


Unit4’s architecture aligns closely with Azure’s IaaS and PaaS offerings. With .Net at the core to support easy cross-platform integration, both cater to the unique demands of industry-specific, feature rich and easy to adopt business applications. Unit4’s ERP is the only system designed from the ground up for people-centric industries. It empowers people to better engage and create impact, while automating low-value repetitive tasks.


Unit4 acquires Three Rivers Systems to deliver industry’s most complete and cutting edge Education ERP worldwide


Utrecht, Netherlands, June 08, 2015 – Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced the acquisition of U.S.-based student management solution provider, Three Rivers Systems, Inc. The acquisition supports Unit4’s strategy to offer market leading industry-specific solutions to people-centric businesses. Education has always been a key pillar of the company’s strategy. Together with Three Rivers Systems, Unit4 serves more than 1,000 clients in Education globally.


The Unit4 People Platform enables Three Rivers Systems’ student management system to seamlessly work together with Unit4 applications, creating the first next generation end-to-end ERP for Education. The system incorporates a powerful and flexible localization framework, which allows Unit4 to cater to local needs, such as Financial Aid in the U.S. or the Student Loan Council in the UK.


“The Education market currently lacks a modern and complete business application platform ready to be deployed globally. This is exactly what Unit4 and Three Rivers Systems will jointly deliver,” says Jose Duarte, Unit4 CEO.


“This acquisition has created a global market leader for Education ERP solutions, and significantly strengthens Unit4’s market position in North America. By combining technologies and resources, we are the first to deliver the full suite of next-generation ERP for the global Education community.” With three decades’ experience developing enterprise solutions exclusively for colleges and universities, Three Rivers Systems is highly regarded in the U.S. for its best in class student management solutions. The acquisition of Three Rivers Systems’ Student Management technology and tight integration with Unit4’s broad and feature rich Finance, Human Relations and Research Management applications will result in the industry’s first and most advanced and complete global ERP for Education.


New and updated features of the combined offering include: Human Resources & Payroll, Finance Management, Research Management, a complete Student Management system covering Student Acquisition, Course Management, Retention, Degree Auditing and much more. Whether adopting new process models or integrating with a newly introduced system, Unit4 is able to easily adapt to the ever changing business requirements and needs of Education institutions. The platform helps grow enrolments, improve student success, and improve overall institutional effectiveness through e.g. the incorporation of built-in data analysis. A truly innovative and clean interface lets users benefit from an easily responsive system with optional touch based capabilities when using a tablet.


“Unit4 and Three Rivers Systems shared focus on product innovation plus people and student centric applications perfectly cover the front and back office of today’s Education institutions,” says Amir Tajkarimi, President & Founder of Three Rivers Systems.


Unit4 will help to expedite innovation cycles around Three Rivers Systems’ advanced student management technology, while also bringing it to the global market. The acquisition will result in strengthened global sales and support teams as well as increased bandwidth for ongoing research and development around our combined product suite.” Three Rivers Systems aligns tightly with Unit4’s Cloud Your Way deployment model, so that the new Campus suite will support higher education institutions’ preferred ERP architecture, whether in the cloud, on premise, or hybrid.


Unit4 and Three Rivers Systems’ solutions will be integrated via the Unit4 People Platform with Social, Mobile and Analytics driven capabilities. Unit4’s ERP is the only system designed from the ground up for people-centric industries. It empowers people to better engage and create impact, while automating low-value repetitive tasks.

April 04th, 2014

Ecleva for Education

Key Points;

Monash University is Australia’s largest University with a $300m plus global research budget and enrols 63,000 students every year. UNIT4’s Research Management Solution was developed in conjunction with both Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK Monash University will realise rapid cost savings and efficiency – IRAS can quickly reduce the overall administration cost of grants as well as enable greater flexibility and innovation


Customer’s Comments

Dr. Ian Tebbett, CIO, Monash University: “Controlled research management practices are crucial for universities with ambitions in this area. Research intensive institutions have historically struggled with the complexity of proper management processes. Few solutions exist on the market that can meet requirements end to end. State-of-the-art IT systems that draw the best out of our professional staff and engage them in delivering on our institutional goals are essential. ECLEVA & UNIT4’s research management solution, including the unique Research Costing and Pricing, along with the company’s experience in the sector, promises the control universities like Monash University require to be world leading in the field of research.


To learn more about Agresso Research and how ECLEVA Consulting can help your research management please contact – (02) 9467 9300 or

PnP Solutions and S1 Consulting are now ECLEVA

After 20 years of business, PnP Solutions and S1 Consulting & Software Services (S1) have merged under the brand ECLEVA.


ECLEVA was a natural step for both companies after working together harmoniously for over 8 years. ECLEVA will draw upon the expertise and skills of both companies to deliver better outcomes for our staff, clients and partners. Innovative Ideas, Delivered Simply


The focus and drive of ECLEVA is to enable better outcomes for our clients in 4 key areas namely:

  • Improving People’s Efficiency
  • Designing Better Processes
  • Enabling Better Decision Making Capability
  • Capturing Missed Opportunities


Please visit our new website and social media channels ( , LinkedIn Page , and Twitter channel to learn more about  us. We will be regularly posting news worthy items on these social media channels so please click follow so you can keep up to date with our news.


All staff can be reach via and our main phone number is +61 2 9467 9300.


Our address remains the same (Suite 102, 1 Chandos St, St Leonards NSW 2065), and contracts signed with either entity remains unchanged.


Please see some photos of our ECLEVA launch last week. We look forward to meeting with all our customer and partners and discussing how we can help.

Patrick SpeechPatrick Martin BennyMartin SpeechMartin SpeechMartin SpeechMartin Patrick BennyDrinksDrinksCrowd Back

For any questions about the merger or in general etc. please do not hesitate to contact your account manager, or reach out to at any time.



Q&A with Akhilesh Sharma – Infrastructure Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Akhilesh Sharma, Infrastructure Manager at ECLEVA.


  • Where based?

Ahmedabad (India).


  • Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Ahmedabad in India, where I have lived my whole life, and I really love this place.


  • Where did you attend Uni?

Bachelor of Arts from Gujarat University.


  • How long have you been at ECLEVA?

I am working with ECLEVA since June 2008


  • Tell us about a typical day

A typical day involves working with the support and development team, help to our CDM, and manage and administer the India team.


  • What do you do outside work?

I spend a lot of my spare time doing research in technology, as it’s a hobby and passion of mine, not just a job. Outside that I spend a lot of time with my family and my two kids. If I can spare the time I like having a good game of cricket and enjoy watching a good show on TV.


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

I was a part of the Technical Support Group at Wipro. We needed to provide solutions support across the region. I loved this job because it was a situation where you needed to work as firefighter and need to provide solution in critical situations. The challenge of achieving this was very exciting.


  • What’s it like in the office?

Starting and managing the Indian office of ECLEVA is something we take great pride in here. We have very open and creative culture where everyone pitches in with ideas and innovations. It’s an exciting place to work humming with innovation.


  • What’s been your favorite day here and why?

About a year ago we celebrated the Diwali festival, and had our CEO Patrick here at the time. We held a Rangoli Competition in the office between the three teams and Patrick was Judge. It was a great day with a fantastic team feeling. What is Rangoli? Follow this link to find out (


  • Wine or beer?



  • What motivates you?

I get a lot of motivation out of creating solutions and help customers. Seeing them get value and appreciate it encourages me to work even harder for them.

Antun Scurla

Q&A with Antun Scurla – Sales Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Antun Scurla, Sales Manager at ECLEVA.


  • AntunHow long have been working for ECLEVA?

Since 2012


  • What was your path here?

I was initially introduced to Patrick in late 2012 to provide Sales Training and Mentoring Services. The relationship grew from there. Prior to that I held a number of Consulting, Direct Sales and Management roles in both local and global IT companies.


  • Where did you grow up?

On the mean streets of Balmain in the late 60s.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

Astronaut or Stage Coach driver – I was never able to choose.


  • What does your role involve?

I’m responsible for driving revenue growth at ECLEVA. That means working closely with Patrick, Martin, Benny and all our CDM’s to identify areas where we can continue to increase the value of our offerings to our existing and potential clients and ensuring that that value is delivered.


  • What do you do outside work?

I play guitar. I play computer games and I study the mysteries of human behavior (mostly within my own family).


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

All the work I’ve done has been interesting. I honestly can’t pick the most interesting. I can tell you the most boring (cleaning bricks).


  • What’s it like in the office?

Great. We’re a very focused and motivated team. The organisation is very open and collaborative, and we literally work together in an enterprising way to innovate and simplify everything we do for ourselves and our clients.


  • What motivates you?

Seeing a good plan deliver the fruits of its promise and, as a result, actually make a difference to how people do their work.


  • What’s one of the favourite songs you’ve listened to lately and why?

Andrew Jackson Jihad (AJJ) – Small Red Boy. I like songs that most people might find “uncomfortable” but nonetheless deliver truths about the human condition. This is a great example and is executed beautifully.

Patrick Northcott

Q&A with Patrick Northcott – CEO of Ecleva

We sat down with Patrick Northcott, the CEO of ECLEVA for a quick chat during his busy day.


  • PatrickWhere did you grow up?

I grew up in England but moved to Cape Town South Africa when I was 10 years old. I then moved to Australia in 1993.


  • Where did you attend Uni?

UCT (University of Cape Town, South Africa), where I did a Bachelors of Computer Science.


  • How long have you been at ECLEVA?

I started the company 20 years ago now.


  • Tell us about a typical day

A typical day will generally involve wearing multiple hats. Business Development Management, CEO, Line manager, Coach, getting involved in product delivery etc.


  • What do you do outside work?

The little spare time I get outside of work and family I like to spend on photography. I enjoy Landscape photography, Seascape, Night, waterfall and portraiture.


  • What’s your favorite book?

A hard question, there are so many good ones. I like reading all kinds of books and particularly enjoy reading all books of a particular author. At the moment I’m reading through the works of Orson Scott Card.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and am lucky enough to be able to be in my dream job. In year 8 I built my first student administration system for my school. I had an office next to the principal with computers and everything. I was lucky enough to find my calling early on, which led me to my purpose, which is to build things that add value to people.


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

Running ECLEVA for sure. Every project is interesting. Mapping a business to good technical solutions add value is what I love doing most


  • What is the most different job you have had?

I was a skydiving instructor for 4 years in the 80’s. I did over 800 jumps and 50 tandem jumps during that time.


  • Last favorite songs you listened too and why?

Bolero (Classical piece by Maurice Ravel). Reminded me of the business growing in intensity through hard work to a crescendo of productivity and results.


  • Wine or beer?



  • What motivates you?

Seeing results of our hard work. Delivering good solutions that add great value to our clients, and turning clients in to raving fans.

Jeff Looms

Q&A with Jeff Looms – Client Delivery Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Jeff Looms, Client Delivery Manager at ECLEVA.


  • JeffHow long have been working for ECLEVA?

Since May 2007.


  • What was your path here?

What really started my interest in IT industry was a TAFE subject. This steered me down path of operator, programmer, analyst, it manager, business owner and now certified consultant / business analyst.


  • What does your typical day look like?

Fire fighter, technical support officer, analyst/tester, business consultant, mentor, relationship manager, development manager, … just call me “the glue”!


  • What’s your favorite part about working at ECLEVA?

Watching the company grow, and working in the not for profit and education space.


  • What has been your proudest achievement at ECLEVA?

Each and every successful implementation.


  • What do you enjoy about this industry?

Helping the organizations I work with realize their potential.


  • Who inspires you?

Neil, Buzz & Mike; of course! [ed. Astronauts]


  • What are your five songs that give rhythm to your day?

Music is not a necessity to get me going; whatever I may have heard before walking out the door in the morning.


  • Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I like to travel, play and watch sports


  • What attracted you to join ECLEVA?

Looking to expand my Dynamics CRM experience.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

Astronaut, I watched the first moon walk ‘live’!


  • Wine or beer?

Wine, Beer or Spirits; I don’t discriminate, unless it contains gluten!