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Cloud Based Applications Portal Halves Workload For Selective Academies

How ECLEVA helped Queensland Academies put their application process online, saving time, reducing workloads and maximising transparency.

Universities More Than Ever Need Strong Financial Support to Stay Relevant and Secure Their Future

With these planned budget cuts, the higher education sector will collectively lose $1.16 billion in base funding. The impact will be felt more in disadvantaged communities, where…

Implementing an Effective Customer Relationship Management – QLD Australia

ECLEVA builds CRM solution for TAFE QLD to effectively manage their commercial engagement. Click on Download button to Read the case study.

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How can Australian Universities Improve Their Commercial Engagements?

As the Australian higher education sector faces a $2.8 billion budget cut from the federal Government, Universities across the country are increasing their efforts in finding…

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Delivering Effective Project Management, IT Services and Software Solutions to The Education Sector

With the ever-increasing speed of change and competition within the education sector, there is currently more pressure than ever to ensure administrative efficiency and new project…

TAFE Queensland South West – Managing the Student Enquiry and Feedback Loop

Establishing trust between faculties and customer service team by centralizing and managing the customer touch-points…

BWAA Case studies
Deploying a Grants and Donations Management solution for Baptist World Aid

Learn how ECLEVA helped BWAA reduce running costs and improve operating efficiency by creating a grants and donations management system using Dynamics CRM.

Wodanga TAFE
Wodonga TAFE – Centralising Student Management and Marketing

Improving decision making process – automating marketing activities – improve efficiency in communication between staff and students.