Martin Halmarick
How can Australian Universities Improve Their Commercial Engagements?

As the Australian higher education sector faces a $2.8 billion budget cut from the federal Government, Universities across the country are increasing their efforts in finding…

case study 2
Delivering Effective Project Management, IT Services and Software Solutions to The Education Sector

With the ever-increasing speed of change and competition within the education sector, there is currently more pressure than ever to ensure administrative efficiency and new project…

TAFE Queensland South West – Managing the Student Enquiry and Feedback Loop

Establishing trust between faculties and customer service team by centralizing and managing the customer touch-points…

BWAA Case studies
Deploying a Grants and Donations Management solution for Baptist World Aid

Learn how ECLEVA helped BWAA reduce running costs and improve operating efficiency by creating a grants and donations management system using Dynamics CRM.

Wodanga TAFE
Wodonga TAFE – Centralising Student Management and Marketing

Improving decision making process – automating marketing activities – improve efficiency in communication between staff and students.