Higher Education

The education sector has become increasingly crowded with the digitisation of knowledge and providing global access to learning. Students now have a range of learning options to choose from. To remain competitive and relevant, institutions are:

  • Digitising their learning platforms
  • Developing services that consider the student experience holistically i.e. not just focusing on delivering a quality education, but also supporting services like counselling, networking, sports, entertainment etc.
  • Offering pre-defined courses and modularised qualifications.
  • Establishing relationships with commercial and government clients to enable the development of funding sources.
  • Seeking to provide an all of life educational experience by matching educational delivery with career progress.
  • • Ensuring the digital delivery of information from marketing, to enquiry, to student life to alumni and back again.

Student Experience


ECLEVA has been working with Education providers for over 20 years in assisting them in framing their strategic student enrolment and retention strategies. Whether an Institution needs assistance around framing requirements and designing and implementing solutions around one part of the student journey or the entire end to end process, ECLEVA has a proven track record in designing and implementing business processes and solutions to help institutions achieve their goals.

Student Lifecycle

ECLEVA has a deep understanding of the key business drivers at each point of the student lifecycle and what decision-making capability is required to manage each phase such as:

  • Identifying target student audiences and marketing to those segments
  • Generating Enquiries through effective digital and traditional marketing campaigns
  • Converting an enquiry to an enrolment
  • Managing services and events during the lifetime of the educational attendance
  • Proactively identifying at risk students to reduce attrition rates
  • Assisting students with career planning
  • Managing Alumni students and targeting CPD services through their career progression
  • Enable Digital Marketing Delivery throughout the student experience

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Commercial Funding Solutions


Over the last few years, Educational Institutions have had to develop alternative revenue streams with the advent of reduced government funding and increased competition. Educational Institutions have extended their range of services and request for funding and are increasingly targeting commercial and government sectors with a plethora of products and services including continued professional development, customised training solutions, sponsorships, scholarships, research funding, internship and placement opportunities, large government department training contracts, international student agents, and government funding schemes.


In addition to targeting the commercial and government sectors, educational institutions are also working with third party partner organisations that either assist in delivering education services to clients or help distribute the institution’s educational services. Some of these services include co-delivering of courses, matriculation agreements which support the transfer of students switching institutions, third party agreements with schools, and designing English Language Pathways.

Commercial Lifecycle

ECLEVA has a deep understanding of the key business drivers at each point of the Commercial lifecycle and what decision-making capability is required to manage the different audience types at each phase of their respective journeys. ECLEVA has delivered a range of solutions to help Institutions with their:

  • Enable Digital Marketing Delivery throughout the commercial funding process.
  • Identify, Address and Convert Funding Leads into qualified opportunities
  • Sell and Manage the delivered of Customised training solutions to commercial clients
  • Develop and Manage Key partnerships with International Agents, research grant providers, co-delivery and matriculation institutes, enable community engagement initiatives, internship/placement agreements, sponsorship & scholarships grants
  • Bid for and manage key government tenders to access funding schemes and preferred provider status
  • Enable funding development events and programs for alumni and corporate donations
  • Maintain strong relationships with government and commercial clients

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