Through 15+ years of developing Educational Student and Commercial Lifecycle solutions ECLEVA can quickly deliver value to our clients. Many of our projects entail working with Partners and third party vendors to deliver great outcomes.  We have worked with many over the years and continue to partner with them on ongoing basis.

Why Partner with ECLEVA

Partner relationships are mutually beneficial. ECLEVA is focused on delivering great outcomes for clients so we are very selective with who we work with.  We are seeking like-minded companies who are interested in developing leading edge solutions that deliver value to Education clients.


Our partnership approach is win-win. We are seeking partners that are interested in our solutions and that can add value to our clients through complimentary products or services. Sometimes we work with Partners to service our clients’ needs and equally Partners work with ECLEVA to deliver solutions to their clients.


We provide our partners access to a range of different services and solutions as well as provide marketing and pre-sales collateral and support.

Services we Provide to Partners

Having worked in the Education Student and Commercial Lifecycle space for over 20 years ECLEVA we can offer Partners a full range of end to end to business solutions services, specific services and access to ECLEVA’s EduRe – pre-built Education Applications.


End to End Services

We offer upfront consulting services where we map out requirements and recommend business solutions, build the business applications, deploy the application with the support of a strong change management approach, deliver via Cloud models and then provide ongoing business support to ensure the adoption and utilisation of the business applications are maximised.

ECLEVA Consulting


The key to any successful solution implementation is how well it serves the business needs and meet its aspirations.  Therefore, ECLEVA’s first phase is to help clients clearly map out their business requirements and understand their business goals including how success will be measured.  The relevant stakeholder and decision makers participate in a mix of workshops and interviews.  In this Consulting phase:

  • Clients goals and aspirations and business processes are mapped out
  • The features and functionality of existing systems and business processes are assessed in terms of their fit for purpose against both existing business functions and future aspirations
  • Various business applications are researched and assessed against the business requirements
  • A high-level solution and recommendation is presented.


ECLEVA Application Development


  • Solution Design: When a client is ready to progress to the implementation stage ECLEVA will work with the Partner in developing a detailed solution design that will deliver on the client’s requirements.
  • Development Methodology: In the implementation of a solution ECLEVA has expertise in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Our preference is to use the highly disciplined Agile delivery method when developing bespoke solutions for clients. The approach ensures that scope, budget, scheduling and quality are constantly in balance. A change to one of these dimensions will affect one or more of the other ones and we help clients and partners understand this impact. Our goal is to reduce the time to value and increase the client’s and partner’s return on investment.


The approach divides the development phases into a series of sprints and a review is done after each sprint.  Clients or Partners review each phase and ensure the most important features are prioritised for the next sprint.  In the end the client is left with a business application that is truly fit for purpose and does not include functionality that is often not used or needed.

scope quality schedule budget

  • Change Management and Deployment: Whilst ECLEVA is developing the application, our team works closely with the appropriate stakeholders to develop the Change Management plan for when the new application and business processes are ready to be released into the business.  Training materials, communication collateral and training workshops are held with relevant stakeholders to ensure any new ways of working are adopted.
  • Cloud Delivery and Support: Incorporated in ECLEVA’s solution design is what the recommended ongoing support model for the client should be.  ECLEVA has its own internal business application support team and this team also has the capability to manage third party vendors or service Partners’ clients.

Project Specific Services


ECLEVA has end to end in-house capabilities ranging from Client Delivery Managers, Business Analysts, Development and Deployment Managers and Support teams.  This means we can also provide Partners with specific resources to complete specific functions.  Some of our more utilized services include:

  • Strategic Planning of Business Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Mapping & Re-engineering
  • Procurement Planning & Vendor Selection
  • Project Reviews and Audits
  • Application & System Development
  • Integration
  • Data Migration

ECLEVA’s EduRe – pre-built Education Applications


Given that ECLEVA has worked in the Education sector for over 20 years, we have found that the many Student Lifecycle and Commercial Lifecycle business processes are similar across education institutions. ECLEVA therefore has developed several pre-built applications which have different modules that can be easily configured and customised to the client needs.  The use of these applications means that we reduce the time to value and increase the client’s return on investment.


The EduRe applications are highly flexible, customisable and easily scalable.   Each application has automated the key baseline business functions and processes that need to be achieved at each point of the Student and Commercial Engagement lifecycle.   The EduRe applications reduce the need for our clients to build new business processes from scratch and provides them with a solid foundation to maximise the value out of the implementation.

The key features and functionality of the EduRe applications are outlined below:

  • Are built on one of the most forward looking platforms, Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Are cloud based
  • Can be implemented individually or seamlessly integrated with each other
  • Can integrate seamlessly with all the main ERP and SMS systems on the market
  • Are scalable to suit smaller organisations through to the largest institute
  • Can be tailored to meet virtually any education institute scenario
  • Provides customisable automation functionality throughout
  • They leverage the unrivalled analytical power of Microsoft’s reporting engine and Power BI
  • Offer leading edge security
  • Is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective lifecycle solutions


Why EduRe


Forward looking applications with proven track record – EduRe has been deployed for over 10 years both on premise and in the cloud and is a solid highly stable platform. The level of risk in deploying this solution compared to starting from scratch is minimal. Reduced risk leads to happier customers


Faster time to value for deployments – EduRe has got a mature set of features offering a great deal of value once deployed and configured. This means the client sees value quickly and reduces the risk for them choosing a riskier ‘start from scratch’ option, which might open the door for competitors.


Rapidly developing platform – EduRe is a solution with vision to grow and take advantage of changes in the industry. It’s based on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, and Microsoft is investing more in R&D than all other CRM providers put together!


Integration points for many of the larger SMS systems – One of the key time consuming and often risky parts of deployments is integrating with SMS and ERP systems. Since EduRe has already got support for a variety of systems this speeds up this part and reduces the risk to the client as well as for the partner.

EduRe Student Lifecycle


ECLEVA has a deep understanding of the key business drivers and objectives at each point of the student lifecycle and what decision making capability is required to manage each phase which typically include:

  • Identifying target student audiences and marketing to those segments
  • Generating Enquiries through effective digital and traditional marketing campaigns
  • Converting an enquiry to an enrolment
  • Managing services and events during the lifetime of the educational attendance
  • Proactively identifying at risk students to reduce attrition rates
  • Assisting students with career planning
  • Managing Alumni students and targeting CPD services through their career progression
Student Lifecycle

EduRe’s Student Engagement Lifecycle solution consists of 6 modules that empower Institutions to deliver on these objectives:

  • Student Recruitment and Marketing
  • Admissions and Enrolment
  • Student Life and Support
  • Student Retention
  • Graduation
  • Alumni Management


Click here to find out more about ECLEVA’s Student Engagement solutions

Commercial Lifecycle Solutions


Over the last few years Educational Institutions have had to develop alternative revenue streams with the advent of reduced Government funding and increased competition. Educational Institutions have extended their range of services and request for funding and are increasingly targeting Commercial and Government sectors with a plethora of products and services including:

  • CPD
  • Customised training solutions
  • Sponsorships
  • Scholarships
  • Research funding
  • Internship and placement opportunities
  • Large Government Department training contracts
  • International student agents
  • Government Funding Schemes
Commercial Lifecycle

In addition to targeting the Commercial and Government sector, Educational Institutions are also working with third party Partner Organisations that either assist in delivering education services to clients or help distribute the Institution’s Educational services.  Some of these services include co-delivering of courses, matriculation agreements which support the transfer of students switching institutions, third party agreements with schools and designing English Language Pathways.


ECLEVA has a deep understanding of the key business drivers and objectives at each point of the Commercial lifecycle and what decision making capability is required to manage the different audience types at each phase of their respective journeys. ECLEVA has delivered a range of solutions to help Institutions with their:

  • Marketing Development which includes digital delivery and lead scoring
  • Lead Management Strategies which entails identifying target audiences, marketing to them and converting leads into opportunities
  • Commercial Lifecycle Management which entails managing the opportunity and successfully converting it into a project
  • Partnership Lifecyle Management which encompasses the ongoing marketing activities to these audiences, managing tenders, co-delivery of services and the management and coordination of different faculties.


EduRe’s Commercial Engagement Lifecycle solution consists of 5 modules that empower Institutions to deliver on these objectives:

  • Lead Management
  • Partnerships
  • Tender
  • Marketing
  • Commercial functions

Each module enables several different business functions to be completed.


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