Q&A with Akhilesh Sharma – Infrastructure Manager at Ecleva

We have a chat with Akhilesh Sharma, Infrastructure Manager at ECLEVA.


  • Where based?

Ahmedabad (India).


  • Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Ahmedabad in India, where I have lived my whole life, and I really love this place.


  • Where did you attend Uni?

Bachelor of Arts from Gujarat University.


  • How long have you been at ECLEVA?

I am working with ECLEVA since June 2008


  • Tell us about a typical day

A typical day involves working with the support and development team, help to our CDM, and manage and administer the India team.


  • What do you do outside work?

I spend a lot of my spare time doing research in technology, as it’s a hobby and passion of mine, not just a job. Outside that I spend a lot of time with my family and my two kids. If I can spare the time I like having a good game of cricket and enjoy watching a good show on TV.


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

I was a part of the Technical Support Group at Wipro. We needed to provide solutions support across the region. I loved this job because it was a situation where you needed to work as firefighter and need to provide solution in critical situations. The challenge of achieving this was very exciting.


  • What’s it like in the office?

Starting and managing the Indian office of ECLEVA is something we take great pride in here. We have very open and creative culture where everyone pitches in with ideas and innovations. It’s an exciting place to work humming with innovation.


  • What’s been your favorite day here and why?

About a year ago we celebrated the Diwali festival, and had our CEO Patrick here at the time. We held a Rangoli Competition in the office between the three teams and Patrick was Judge. It was a great day with a fantastic team feeling. What is Rangoli? Follow this link to find out (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangoli)


  • Wine or beer?



  • What motivates you?

I get a lot of motivation out of creating solutions and help customers. Seeing them get value and appreciate it encourages me to work even harder for them.

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