Our Approach

Through 20+ years of developing Educational Student and Commercial Lifecycle solutions we can deliver a great amount of value in a short time to our clients. By doing so our clients are provided a best practice scalable foundation which empowers them to capture market share and diversify into new markets.  Our strength is providing innovative ideas delivered simply.


The focus of our solutions is to empower our clients with:

  • Better decision making capabilities
  • Improved people and resource efficiencies
  • More opportunities for growth
  • Better fit for purpose business processes


ECLEVA has the capability to offer our clients a full range of end to end to business solutions services.   We map out the clients’ requirements during our consulting phase and recommend business solutions, build the business applications, deploy the application with the support of a strong change management approach, deliver via Cloud models and then provide ongoing business support to ensure the adoption and utilisation of the business applications are maximised.  On an ongoing basis, we also work with clients to map out any future business requirements and incorporate this in the organisation’s business solutions Roadmap.

ECLEVA Consulting


The key to any successful solution implementation is how well it serves the business needs and meet its aspirations. Therefore, ECLEVA’s first phase is to help clients clearly map out their business requirements and understand their business goals including how success will be measured. The relevant stakeholder and decision makers participate in a mix of workshops and interviews. In this Consulting phase:

  • Clients goals and aspirations and business processes are mapped out
  • The features and functionality of existing systems and business processes are assessed in terms of their fit for purpose against both existing business functions and future aspirations
  • Various business applications are researched and assessed against the business requirements
  • A high-level solution and recommendation is presented.


ECLEVA Application Development


Solution Design: When a client is ready to progress to the implementation stage ECLEVA will work out a detailed solution design that will deliver on the client’s requirements. ECLEVA has its own in-house development team who have extensive knowledge in several different types of applications and platforms. However, ECLEVA’s solution design is about delivering the best outcome for the client and often this may require integrating several third-party applications. Where third party vendors are used, ECLEVA fully manages these parties and the client only has deal with one point of contact.


Development Methodology: In the implementation of a solution ECLEVA has expertise in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Our preference is to use the highly disciplined Agile delivery method when developing bespoke solutions for clients. The approach ensures that scope, budget, scheduling and quality are constantly in balance. A change to one of these dimensions will affect one or more of the other ones and we help clients understand this impact. Our goal is to reduce the time to value and increase the client’s return on investment.The approach divides the development phases into a series of sprints and a review is done after each sprint. Clients review each phase and ensure the most important features are prioritised for the next sprint. In the end the client is left with a business application that is truly fit for purpose and does not include functionality that is often not used or needed.

Development Methodology

Change Management and Deployment: Whilst ECLEVA is developing the application, our team works closely with the appropriate stakeholders to develop the Change Management plan for when the new application and business processes are ready to be released into the business. Training materials, communication collateral and training workshops are held with relevant stakeholders to ensure any new ways of working are adopted.


ECLEVA’s EduRe – pre-built Education Applications


Given that ECLEVA has worked in the Education sector for over 20 years we have found that the many Student Lifecycle and Commercial Lifecycle business processes are similar across education institutions. ECLEVA therefore has developed several different pre-built applications that can be easily configured and customised to the client’s needs. The use of pre-built applications means that we reduce the client’s time to value and increase their return on investment. Click here to find out more about ECLEVA’s EduRe Applications for Student Lifecycle management, and here for Commercial Lifecycle management.


Cloud Delivery and Support


Incorporated in ECLEVA’s solution design is what the recommended ongoing support model for the client should be. ECLEVA has its own internal business application support team and this team also has the capability to manage third party vendors.


Managing the ongoing Roadmap


Post a project implementation some clients set and forget the systems and after a prolonged time they find that whilst their business has evolved due to market forces, their business applications become limited in achieving the business outcomes and redundant. This occurs because the systems have not evolved to keep pace with business changes. ECLEVA recognises that a new system implementation can be a significant investment for some clients and like businesses need to change to survive so too do systems to support the business. Therefore, ECLEVA not only manages the ongoing operational support of the business systems but also works with clients on developing an ongoing business solutions Roadmap. This ongoing disciplined approach entails capturing business requirements as the business evolves to remain more competitive and ensuring budget is set aside to continue investing in systems to keep up with business changes. The ongoing investment in business applications ensures clients are always operating with the best and most competitive practices.



Our values are in our name. They flow through and are visible from the first meeting and throughout all your dealing with us. Our main goal is in our credo ‘Innovative Ideas Delivered Simply’.

Ecleva's Values