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Business Scenario: overview


Jenny Smith, Business Development Director, has recently run an account planning session with her Business Development Manager (BDM) team and assigned companies, sectors and territories to the each of the BDMs.


Mark Jones is a Business Development Manager, and has been assigned the Health and Hospitality sectors within the TQSW geographical region. The other BDMs have been assigned companies, sectors and territories that reflect their domain knowledge, contacts and expertise.


Mark Jones, and has the potential to engage with over 200 companies within his assigned companies, sectors and territories.


Each company, or subsidiary company, that Mark engages with would be created as an Account within EduRe. Parent and subsidiaries companies can be associated within EduRe, thereby creating an Account hierarchy within EduRe.


Each person that Mark engages with at each company, would be created as a Contact within EduRe, and can be associated with a company.


Business standards

1. Account hierarchies in EduRe

TAFE Queensland business standard is to have only three levels of hierarchy. Any request to have more than 3 levels within a business hierarchy needs the approval of the Business Development Director/Manager.

2. When creating an Account in EduRe, use the following rules:

a. No Abbreviations. E.g. Dept.

b. Use the name provided on business card and/or email signature

c. Do not include the suffix of Pty, Ltd, etc.….


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Business Scenario: a small business in Ipswich


Café Grouse. Café Grouse employs 2 apprentice chefs and serves alcohol and their staff need to be trained in responsible serving of alcohol. Mark was meeting another client in the street saw the Café and dropped in and met with the Kylie Richardson who is the owner of the Café and discussed the type of training and funding available from TQSW. Kylie was busy at the time and didn’t really show too much interest.


At the end of the day Mark goes home or back to the office and sits down to update his activities in the CRM solution. Mark searches for Café Grouse in EduRe and cannot find a match. Mark creates a new Account called Café Grouse and tries to enter as much details as possible but seeks to at least enter the following;


1. Café Grouse

2. Parent Account

a. On this occasion, there is no parent account because it is a standalone small business

3. 200 Main St, Ipswich QLD

4. 07 9988 1234

5. ABN: 123456789

6. Contact

a. Kylie Richardson


When Mark looks to add Kylie Richardson as a contact he performs a search for Kylie in the CRM and cannot find her. Mark creates a new Contact. Mark enters as much details as possible for Kylie with the following being the minimum details;


1. Kylie Richardson

2. Owner


4. 0411 234 567

5. 07 9999 2301


Once the Account (Café Grouse) and the Contact (Kylie Richardson) has been created then Mark is going to record notes about his conversation with Kylie against the Contact record and set himself a reminder (Activity) to contact her in two weeks. Mark now ‘owns’ the business relationship with Kylie.


Business standards

1. When creating a Contact, use the following rules;

a. Use the details from the person’s business card, email signature or their web page.


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Business scenario: Best Western motel franchise


There is a Best Western hotel in Toowoomba run by a franchisee owner. The following is how Mark would create this structure in EduRe..


Please Note: this may not reflect the actual structure of Best Western Hotels and Resorts in Australia.


1. Account 1

a. Best Western Head Office

b. Parent Account

i. On this occasion, there is no parent account because it is at the top of the hierarchy in Australia

c. 200 Pitt St, Sydney

d. 02 9999 0000

e. ABN; 123456789

f. Contact

i. Michael Larkin, Head of Staff Development

ii. Any additional contacts would also be added

2. Account 2

a. Best Western Plus Ambassador on Ruthven Motor Inn

b. Parent Account

i. Best Western Head Office – Mark would look up Best Western Head Office and find the Account and make the relationship

c. 200 Ruthven St, Toowoomba QLD 4350

d. 07 4637 6800


f. ABN 123000566

g. Contact

i. Anthony McKelvey – Business Owner

ii. Any additional contacts would also be added


Please Note; BDMs across the State would create the Best Western Hotels and Resorts as Accounts, and create the relationship with the Best Western HQ. Therefore, if someone was to look at Best Western HQ they could see all the business that TAFE Queensland is delivering across the state.


Mark has met with the business owner, Anthony McKelvey and discussed his training needs. Anthony’s details are already in EduRe, so Mark would record the notes from his meeting and set an activity for a following meeting.


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Business scenario: Queensland Health


There is the Department of Health, 16 Hospitals and Boards and then numerous Hospitals and Facilities under each Hospital and Board. Each of these entities would be an Account in EduRe. Below is an example of how Mark would create the hierarchy for Queensland Health for his accounts.


1. Account 1

a. Queensland Health

b. Parent Account

i. On this occasion, there is no parent account because it is at the top of the hierarchy

c. 147-163 Charlotte St, Brisbane, QLD 4000

d. 07 3234 0111

e. Contact

i. Michael Walsh, Director-General

ii. Any additional contacts would also be added

Please Note: There is only one Queensland Health Account. All other regions would create a relationship with this one parent account.

2. Account 2

a. South West Hospital and Health Service

b. Parent Account

i. Queensland Health

Please Note: All 16 regions within Queensland Health would have their own account and create a relationship with Queensland Health as the parent account

c. 44-46 Bungil St, Roma QLD 4455

d. 07 4505 1568

e. Contact

i. Ms Glynis Shultz, CEO

ii. Any Additional Contacts would be added

3. Account 3

a. Roma Hospital

b. Parent Account

i. South West Hospital and Health Service

Please note all 15 Hospitals and Services within the South West Region would be created as accounts. This would be replicated for all regions across Queensland

c. 197 – 234 McDowall St, Roma, QLD 4455

d. 07 4624 2700

e. Contact

i. Mr Andrew Ross, HR Manager

ii. Any Additional Contacts would also be added


Mark has met with Andrew Ross and discussed the training needs of Roma Hospital while also meeting with Glynis Shultz and discussed the training needs across the region. Mark would record his notes and set his activities under the relevant contact record.


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