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Business standards for Accounts


EduRe can have any number of levels in account hierarchy. However, the TAFE Queensland business rule is to have only three levels of hierarchy.


Any request to have more than 3 levels within a business hierarchy needs the approval of the Business Development Director/Manager.


When creating an account in CRM use the following rules

1. No Abbreviations. E.g. Dept.

2. Use the name provided on business card and/or email signature

3. Do not include the suffix of Pty, Ltd, etc.….


Ownership means the nominated person is responsible for maintaining the information within EduRe and the relationship


1. Accounts – In a TAFE Wide CRM Account Ownership has no relevance –

1. Business Rule; TAFE Queensland ‘owns’ ALL accounts

2. Contacts

1. Business is built on person to person relationships therefore someone needs to own a Contact.

i. Business Rule – The Contact Owner is responsible for all communication with the Contact.

2. All communication to the Contact should go through the TAFE Owner unless agreed by the TAFE Owner

3. Relationship Development occurs and is captured at the contact level

4. Business Rule; If there is a lead or an opportunity that has come up, it should be brought to the attention Contact Owner


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(Notes & Activities) Notes and/or Activities

The Notes and Activities section delivers all associated Posts, Activities and Notes in an easy to read listing.

i. Clicking on Posts will display the posted comments (Auto Posts or User entered Posts) regarding this account.
New User posts may also be added within this area.

ii. Clicking on Activities will display all activities (email, phone call, appointment or task) regarding this account.
New activities may also be added within this area. Adding an Appointment or Task requires you to click on the more commands … icon. Filtering and sorting is also available within Activities.

iii. Clicking on Notes will display all the notes (automatically or manually created) regarding this account.
New Notes may also be added within this area.

Notes & Activities

5. Click on SAVE & CLOSE (to save the entered information and close the Account)

     – OR –

    Click on SAVE (to save the Account and continue working on the record)


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Assign an Account to a User or Team


Accounts within EduRe can be assigned to another User or Team, from the Accounts view or within an opened Account record.


From an Accounts view you can assign one or multiple Accounts records.


To assign an Account(s) from an Accounts view, or from within an Account record.

1. Select EduRe in the navigation bar

2. Click Account in the menu options

3. Find and select the required record(s) from any of the Accounts views

4. Click on the Assign button in the command bar (or from the more commands …)

Assign button

– OR –

Assign button

5. Select “User or Team” by clicking in the Assign to

6. Select a value from the User or Team field, or click the magnifying glass icon to look up more records

Assign Account

7. Select Team or User in the Look for field to enable the correct lookup selection list

Lookup Record

8. Click on Assign, to initiate the assign process

Assign Account-1


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