Unit4 is the first to deliver next-generation end-to-end student information system

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced its new student information system (SIS), Unit4 Student Management.


The new solution will change the way education institutions attract, manage and support students throughout their lifecycle. It addresses a pressing need for innovation in the SIS market which has not seen a new and innovative end-to-end solution in over a decade.


“Unit4 has the experience and the vision to deliver the innovation required to become the global leader in the sector,” said Amir Tajkarimi, Unit4’s Senior VP of Global Education. “Students, faculty and staff typically experience a ‘digital downgrade’ in their campus life, using dated systems that don’t meet their high expectations.


Nowhere is this more apparent than with currently-installed SISs, which on average are over 13 years old. These expensive to maintain legacy systems were built before the emergence of new technology and business models that have reshaped education. With the introduction of Unit4 Student Management, institutions now have an alternative.”


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