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Q&A with Patrick Northcott – CEO of Ecleva

We sat down with Patrick Northcott, the CEO of ECLEVA for a quick chat during his busy day.


  • PatrickWhere did you grow up?

I grew up in England but moved to Cape Town South Africa when I was 10 years old. I then moved to Australia in 1993.


  • Where did you attend Uni?

UCT (University of Cape Town, South Africa), where I did a Bachelors of Computer Science.


  • How long have you been at ECLEVA?

I started the company 20 years ago now.


  • Tell us about a typical day

A typical day will generally involve wearing multiple hats. Business Development Management, CEO, Line manager, Coach, getting involved in product delivery etc.


  • What do you do outside work?

The little spare time I get outside of work and family I like to spend on photography. I enjoy Landscape photography, Seascape, Night, waterfall and portraiture.


  • What’s your favorite book?

A hard question, there are so many good ones. I like reading all kinds of books and particularly enjoy reading all books of a particular author. At the moment I’m reading through the works of Orson Scott Card.


  • What was your dream job when you were young?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and am lucky enough to be able to be in my dream job. In year 8 I built my first student administration system for my school. I had an office next to the principal with computers and everything. I was lucky enough to find my calling early on, which led me to my purpose, which is to build things that add value to people.


  • Most interesting job you’ve had in your life and why?

Running ECLEVA for sure. Every project is interesting. Mapping a business to good technical solutions add value is what I love doing most


  • What is the most different job you have had?

I was a skydiving instructor for 4 years in the 80’s. I did over 800 jumps and 50 tandem jumps during that time.


  • Last favorite songs you listened too and why?

Bolero (Classical piece by Maurice Ravel). Reminded me of the business growing in intensity through hard work to a crescendo of productivity and results.


  • Wine or beer?



  • What motivates you?

Seeing results of our hard work. Delivering good solutions that add great value to our clients, and turning clients in to raving fans.