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With 20+ years’ experience working with educational and research Institutes we are uniquely qualified to provide advice and guidance on how to ensure business solutions enable the strategic goals of the Institute to be achieved.


ECLEVA provides consulting, business solutions and support services that can be delivered via on premise or cloud based infrastructure for educational institutes that enables then to


  • Improve the Student Experience by utilising digital marketing to attract students, retain students through predicative analytics and efficient case management,
  • Improve the education experience through better management of student events and communication and be a lifelong learning partner through targeted Alumni Management and Communications.
  • Alternate Funding Sources. Today’s Educational Institutes need to find new funding sources. ECLEVA’s solutions enable Institutes to Manage Relationships and processes for additional funding from customised training packages for corporate and government clients, sponsorships, scholarships, research grants, government tenders, community engagement, funding development schemes, CPD and co-delivery models with other Institutes
  • Improve decision making by ensuring accurate and real time information is available to decision makers
  • Ensure business processes compliment business solutions to ensure the highest possible return on any investment


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Higher Education

Higher Education

Managing the Student Lifecycle from enquiry to graduation & enabling Commercial Engagement for customized training packages, community engagement, funding, scholarships, internships and placements.


Further Education

Managing the Student Lifecycle from Enquiry to Graduation & enabling Commercial Engagement for customised training packages, community engagement, funding, scholarships, internships and placements.

‘Success Stories from our Clients’

Tafe Queensland

TAFE Queensland South West – Managing the Student Enquiry and Feedback Loop

Establishing trust between faculties and customer service team by centralising and managing the customer touch-points.
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